This video was created by volunteer videographer/photographer - Dominique Pieb. We are grateful for her incredibly talent and generosity!

About Us

  • We empower our participants to learn, grow and thrive.

    We are a curriculum-based program, dedicated to helping participants across four core focus areas: life skill and social skill development, healthy living and giving back.

  • We are a place for adults that like to have fun.

    We are a community for adults with Down syndrome made up of brothers and sisters who come together to learn new things and have a blast!

  • We are a close-knit, family of friends.

    We are a small organization where everyone knows your name. Our one-to-one weekend adventures are a short but include an immersive experience.

  • We are one team.

    We are a group of collaborators that run on enthusiasm and determination. We are always looking for new partners and volunteers to join us.

  • We create an unmistakable energy.

    We are fiercely committed to creating an environment with an unmistakable energy and an experience that’s greater than each person’s hopes, ideas and dreams.