Family bonding through wellness!

We love hearing stories of how families take advantage of opportunities to bond together through wellness! Past LiveUp mentor Steph recently ran a marathon with her mom and shared her incredible experience with us. 


LiveUp mentor Steph and her mom after completing the marathon together

LiveUp mentor Steph and her mom after completing the marathon together

Running that race with my mom was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I made her a training schedule about three months in advance, and then talked to her every week to help her with nutrition, mental training, etc. Our initial plan was to run separately, me at my pace and her at hers, and then for me to loop back and find her/run the last X miles of her race, after I’d finished. But a mile into the race, I realized something was off: I’d helped her get this far and was going to abandon her during the first two hours of her race? So I went back and found her, and we cranked out ~2.5 hours of hard work. We used selfies as motivation along the way. 🙂



Steph's mom crossing the finish line

Steph’s mom crossing the finish line

We challenge you to think about ways to bond with your family through wellness too–whether it’s training for a marathon, doing yoga a few times a week together or playing sports as a family. Accomplishing your wellness goals can be even more rewarding when you’re able to share the experience with your family!

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