LiveUp San Diego 2016: Lives Changed!

13935171_954253584719929_5242397001370202987_nThis post comes from Derrick, one of the amazing directors at LiveUp SD!

Trying to transfer to you the warmth in our hearts, or even a tenth of the ways our lives were changed would be a triumph that mere words on a page simply can’t produce.  Therefore, allow me to share just a few of the magnetic smiles and irresistibly charming moments we were rewarded with thanks to our 2016 LiveUp SD family.

Friendships were both built and refreshed as the excitement of the next few days became our high octane rocket fuel. We launched towards the HI San Diego Point Loma with no idea of how the adventures ahead would jolt our joy.

With a HEART full of rules that night…
       Have FUN
       Eat healthy, Be healthy
       Always be friends
       Respect my mentor/buddy
       Try new stuff
…we exploded into a fan filled, star-studded lip sync extravaganza.  There was singing, laughing, what some would call “dancing” and a lot of sweat, but the talent-rich performances just kept coming and coming.  The weekend then took off thanks to our partners listed below.

On Saturday night, we crimped our hair and donned our best digs in prep for the FIESTA that Senorita Emily crafted. We enjoyed a delicious meal and a taco piñata before dancing the night away.

It’s hard to avoid the sadness of the last day, but thanks to Parth, Brittini and Em we Zumba-ed away the tears with a finally of dance moves that would likely make even MJ jealous.

Closing ceremony blessed us all with another personality rich expression of the limitless value of LiveUp!  Through words, dance and sign-language we saw a sample of the unmatched elation that can be motivated by nothing more than that precious chromosome that we staff lack.

No two LiveUp weekends are the same, but 2016 #LiveUpSD was certainly one for the ages. Thanks in part to the talents of Nurse Lisa we all made it through. Going often unseen are the countless hours of work that our leaders Emily and Vikki put in for months prior. We love you guys and can’t thank you enough. It’s easy to imagine the fun we had, but thanks to our hero photographer Jake, you can also SEE a bit of it too. The only thing this guy has more of than shoes is talent. Put your seatbelts on and grace your eyes with this motion picture masterpiece here!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible, especially our friends:

  • Finest City Improv: We jumped right into the fun with Finest City Improv who had us laughing and loving as they organized the thespian masterpiece of the incomparable Bear and Monkey.  Well done Kev and Kelli!
  • Wild Willow Farm: We headed off for an outdoor, organic, educational tour with our new friends at Wild Willow Farm. To savor a tomato that you picked, or a carrot your buddy just pulled from the dirt with a smirk and a “what’s up doc”, is an experience that none will forget.
  • Birch Aquarium:  Already having a blast, we headed to the incredible aquarium where we began a Boston-motivated scavenger hunt (thanks Bendit!) Team SHARKS shocked us all and completed every challenge with enough time left to grab a smoothie at the snack bar.
  • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center: Saturday smiled at us big as the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center opened early just for LiveUp to show us that science, like being healthy, can be entertaining as well.  Our LiveUp engineers constructed the artistically motorized “scribble-bots” that we used to create auction-worthy art.
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center: With newfound knowledge we headed to the water because HEY, this is San Diego!  A HUGE thanks to the superstars at Mission Bay Aquatic Center who taught us to swim, sail, kayak and love the aquatic arts as we hung out at the beach.
  • Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals: And just when we thought our trip could not be topped, enter amazing and super special pups who were about to give AND receive more love than most canine’s get in a month.
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