Get Ready for LiveUp DC!

This Untitledpost comes from Emily, one of the LiveUp DC directors!

*Sneak Peek*- Brad, Sarah, and I have been gearing up for LiveUp DC 2016. We can’t believe that Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and we can finally see all of our plans become a dream come true. We have planned some exciting new activities this year. Participants should be ready to turn on their inner Bollywood, as we will be traveling to George Washington University (in DC) for an Indian dance lesson from the GW Bhangra squad!

*Partner Spotlight*– I, myself, am especially looking forward to partnering with Spirit Club again this year. My older brother, Phillip, along with a few other LiveUp participants, attends programs with Spirit Club year-round.  Spirit Club’s motto is “Fitness for All” and they truly “live up” to just that! When my mom told me Phillip would be enrolling in personal training, my thoughts were, “HA! Yeah right.” As Phillip likes to hang in his room, watch old movies, and stick to his usual, very regimented, routine, I didn’t know how this whole working out thing would go for him. I am utterly amazed by what the trainers at Spirit Club have accomplished with Phillip. When my mom later sent me a text message with a picture of Phillip doing a plank, I had to do a double take! Spirit Club is not simply telling Phillip what to do in the gym, rather, they have given Phillip something to work towards and be intrinsically motivated in reaching his wellness goals. Phillip is nonverbal, but he always sets his soccer ball out with his belongings when preparing for the next day on Wednesday nights because he KNOWS Thursdays are when he goes to his personal training sessions… and he is excited for it! Spirit Club has brought out a whole new side of my brother that my family didn’t know was there or even possible. At LiveUp DC last year, Spirit Club had everyone on their feet participating. I am so eager to see the magic Spirit Club brings this year.

I encourage everyone to check out the Spirit Club website. Personal Training and Group Fitness classes are available and accessible to all!
And for all of our participants coming to Live Up DC next weekend, WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!

LiveUp, LoveUp,
Emily Weinberger

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