Happy National Siblings Day from LiveUp!

This post comes from Kelsey Quinn, one of the program directors at LiveUp Philly!


In honor of National Siblings Day, I wanted to give a shout out to my brother, Colin Quinn, who introduced me first to Camp PALS and then to the LiveUp family.


I can remember the first time he came home from his Memorial Day weekend spent with LiveUp, me sitting on the couch while he relayed all the exciting adventures of the weekend! From a Philly’s baseball game, to the nightly karaoke sessions and of course, the dinner dance. Needless to say, I was pretty envious of the fun-filled weekend he had in comparison to mine! I knew from that moment on that I just had to experience LiveUp for myself, with him, the following Memorial Day weekend.


Until then, over the course of the following year I had the pleasure of hanging with him and his buddy from the LiveUp weekend, Matt Funicello. Seeing the two of them together truly exemplified to me what LiveUp is all about: forging friendships that last far beyond the holiday weekend.
And then Memorial Day 2015 rolled around – it was time to head to Philly! The weekend was a blast and far exceeded any expectations I had. Getting to share those experiences with my brother made the weekend even more special.


When the weekend came to an end, I was sad how fast the time had flown. Thankfully I had my sibling to relive the memories with through the countless stories we now share!
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