LiveUp celebrates OT Month with Laura!

This post comes from Laura Karp, one of the program directors at LiveUp Boston!

Hi! My name is Laura and I’ve been involved in LiveUp since the inaugural program in DC. I have been a mentor in Philadelphia and Boston, and directed LiveUp Boston for the last two years. As most of you know, LiveUp is volunteer-run, so in addition to planning, negotiating, and mentoring almost all of our staff have real jobs. So what’s mine?

In my (biased) opinion, I have the best job in the world. I am an Occupational Therapist (OT), and I work in a K-8 school for kids with disabilities. I have the privilege of pulling kids out of class or pushing into classrooms to target their motor, sensory, and cognitive needs through individualized interventions. I’ve known I wanted to work in this field since high school, and volunteering with programs such as Best Buddies and LiveUp solidified that passion. I believe that by teaching and practicing functional life skills such as healthy cooking, social skills, and exploring new places together is an integral part of inclusion and overall wellness. While the kids I work with have emerging skills/readiness in these areas, seeing the amazing talents and jobs that LiveUp roommates have is inspiring and motivates me every day. Happy OT Month!

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One thought on “LiveUp celebrates OT Month with Laura!

  1. Watching you continue to grow and better the world around you has been a privilege, Laura Karp! Keep up the good work.

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