Liveup San Diego highlights!

Today’s post comes from Michelle, one of the directors at LiveUp San Diego!

This past weekend, I was blessed to participate in my third LiveUp San Diego, and my first program as a director! Year after year, it is so exciting to be reunited with the LiveUp family, and something I look forward to every summer.

This year, I was particularly blown away by the huge strides our participants had made in their personal lives. They all came back to San Diego with a greater zeal for life, more independence, and an eagerness to form new relationships and experience new things!

In between our many laughs and random karaoke parties, we traveled together to the San Diego zoo, went kayaking at Mission Bay, bonded with rescued horses and llamas at Ferdinand’s Farm, practiced yoga, and danced out hearts out with Country Sole!

Each participant contributes a little bit of their own special magic to create the LiveUp Magic. You’ve heard it said before that the LiveUp magic is not something that can be put into words – but can be seen in the smiles, laughs, dance moves, and confidence of our participants.

As our t-shirts this year said, we truly lived bigger, we lived bolder, we lived brighter, and we LIVED UP!

For a little glimpse into the LiveUp San Diego magic, please take a look at our highlights video, created by our very talented media-man, Jake!

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