Parent Perspective: Joan Thomas

Today’s LiveUpDate comes from Joan Thomas. Her son John is one of our wonderful participants!

LiveUp, what does it mean to parents? We are blessed with a terrific son, John. John has a job that he loves, (works at the Acme in Bryn Mawr) about 26-30 hours a week. He is involved in Pennsylvania Special Olympics year round, he has a good friend Chris, and he has two fabulous brothers. His brothers and their friends include John in many things, and for that we are so grateful. He has a pretty full life.

Why does he love LiveUp so much? John loves it because it is “his.” It is a social/educational/fun weekend that he shares with his peers and an absolutely incredible group of young adults. Who are these people and what is their impetus to give our “young adults” such a wonderful experience? They are a selfless group of smiling, happy, caring individuals that share themselves with our kids, help them navigate new experiences, and accept them as they are. This is no small feat. 

We have worked our entire lives trying to help others see our children as people first. These young LiveUp adults not only see our kids as kids, they celebrate each and every one. This weekend is an experience that our kids talk about all year. They cannot wait to see their mentors at the next LiveUp weekend. What they give to us and to our children is priceless, and for that we are grateful.

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