Happy National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Today’s post  comes from Jenna:

October represents a special month in the Down syndrome community as well as the LiveUp community.  For LiveUp, October is our time of reflection.  We look back at all of the amazing accomplishments – the hard work that our regional directors put in to organize programs that are filled with smiles from all of our participants!   It is thus timely that October is also a time to reflect on all of the awesome achievement of the Down syndrome community.

In looking back on this year there are a lot of marvelous moments that our LiveUp community has watched and shared, but there are two people that we would be remiss not to thank and to celebrate.  Tim Lawrence and Briana Dunn were our two LiveUp Ambassadors this past year.  They wrote numerous thank you notes to our donors to help share the value of what giving to LiveUp provides to our community.  Each time I sent them another envelop full of cards to send out, Tim would shortly there after text me asking where his next round was!

Tim is known for being one of our biggest hearts – always going out of his way to make sure everyone is included.  Especially making sure every lady on the dance floor gets a dance 🙂  Tim also holds the lessons of LiveUp throughout the year making sure to continue to eat healthy and he even sends us pictures of what he has cooked himself.
Briana‘s smile and determination inspire me throughout the year.  She works hard and is always encouraging herself and her friends to go further then they thought they could with a smile on.

We are so grateful to both of their achievements both in the community and for the LiveUp Family!

We are currently doing 2018 planning.  If you are interested in getting more involved in LiveUp next year please email Jenna at Jenna@LiveUpPrograms.org

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